Direct Primary Care + Sedera Health

Direct Primary Care Clinic

  • Personal Relationship with Medical Team
  • In-Office Visits
  • Smartphone-Based Visits (Phone, Text, FaceTime)
  • Preventative & Wellness
  • Health Coaches
  • Access to Wholesale Medications and Labs
  • Seamless Care Coordinator (Preventative, Acute Care, Chronic Disease Care and Behavioral/Mental Health)

Sedera Health Share Plan

  • Instead of paying monthly premiums to an insurance company, members share a given amount on a monthly basis and draw from community funds as medical needs arise
  • Monthly shares are typically 30 to 50% lower than typical health insurance plans
  • Personal Member Advisor Services
  • Medical Bill Negotiation
  • Telemedicine
  • Expert 2nd Opinion
  • Boldly Challenges the Insurance Status Quo