Big Tree Virtual + SHARx

Your Personal Medical Team brought to you by Big Tree Virtual

Your personal medical team is here for you!  Big Tree Virtual will provide you with access to the newest big idea in health care; a personal medical team.  Utilizing your ordinary smart phone applications*, you get 24-7 access to your health team.  Your health team, a doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse and care coordinator will work with you to:

This service allows your team to provide you with:

  • 24-7 access via personal visit, your smart phone or telephone
  • Big Tree will also dispense and ship 120 of the most common prescriptions for FREE!
  • Free shipping of medication to your home
  • Low cost lab testing (typically 90% off of list prices)
  • Be healthy.  Our wellness programs will help you prevent chronic diseases before they start, lose weight or quit smoking
  • Treat acute health conditions such as sinus infections and UTIs
  • Manage chronic diseases such as diabetes or anxiety
  • Experience the health care system as a well coordinated, personalized whole

*such as FaceTime, text-messaging, Google Hangouts and similar